Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Did You Try The Test? - Learn More About Supinated and Pronated Feet

I hope you watched the movie and tried the wet test in my last post, because it is so beneficial to know what type of feet you have when purchasing a new pair of running shoes!

Stay with me, here you will get the run down on what type of foot you may have.

There are three types:
over-Pronated - Feet roll inwards while walking.
over-Supinated - Feet roll outwards while walking.
Normal - Normal footstep plant flexes properly.

Did You Try The Test? - Supinated or Pronated Feet

When you have feet that are pronated and roll inwards too much it can put a lot of stress on your hips and knees.  Shoes that have good support in the arch area will keep the arch up and have it actually straighten your gait by positioning your knee directly over your foot. You want this to happen, so that there is no strain and no cause for injury while you walk or run.

Supinated is having you walk too much on the outside of your foot. You tend to do this because of the arch is not flexing properly. When this happens your knees are not aligned directly over the foot again causing increased stress and maybe injury while doing a high impact sport.

Normal Foot Flex
Normal gait has a good flex and pronates and supinates normally. This is the ideal, but still may need support in the arch area to prevent arches from becoming overstressed during a sport like running or walking.

A Foot Tip:
Do you want to get your feet in shape for walking or running?
Go take a walk or run/walk on the beach, it's great for your foot muscles and calves! Strengthening your feet will prevent you from having foot injuries in the future.

I hope you enjoyed -Did You Try the Test? - Learn More About Supinated and Pronated Feet

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