Monday, June 14, 2010

Running and Strength Training

Running on it's own is rewarding for You. You seem to find time for running in the morning, lunch or evening and then you might want to look for a time to put in some strength training.


Strength training helps your body support more of yourself. It brings better strength to the parts of your body that you don't necessarily use during your running moments. Now if you have not yet started running and you are still doing a lot of walking, well strength training is you for the walker also. When you strengthen your abdomin muscles you are helping to support your lower back and your posture. Do you notice that when the elderly get older they tend to have more of a slouch. Well, a lot of people get this because of gravity and lack of strenght in the abdominal area. Walking does a great job a doing some overall cardio work and muscle maintaining, but to strengthen your exercise like running or walking you will want to add just a little bit of strenght training.

I can hear you all saying, It's hard enough to try to stick with a running program! When am I going to strength train?

First of all it only takes 20 minutes 2 X per week!

That is all! Requiring you one day to do the upper part of your body and some mid-section and the other to do the lower part and mid-section.

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