Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Secret to Running for Your Life! - How to Stay Running

 The Secret to Running for your Life How to stay runningYou struggle to run and stay with it and you just can't go any farther.

Each week goes by and the learn to run program trickles away to nothing.

It is hard to get yourself up and peel yourself off the couch, chair, floor, bed...etc. You know what I mean.

And then the worst of it happens.
You stop losing weight and you start gaining weight.
You’re trapped in a cycle and not happy or fit.
Just too busy!
The days pass by and you begin feel like getting fit is something you will never do.
You feel like you’ve failed yourself!

It's not all your fault.

You get mixed in the hustle and bustle; some important goals get lost!
Life is busy and you need time to rest!

This is where I come in..
I've been there too!
Running my way through life's road blocks...

I will tell you the secret to running for your life! (Staying with it forever!) and...How to stay running...

This is a new moment!

Get excited knowing that you will never give up!
Running gradually and accepting that this is all you can do right now.

If this is all the running you can commit to right now, staying committed is the most important rule in anything you do in life. If you are doing just a little bit of the program, then you are staying committed to learning to run right now. The secret is... get excited about what you are doing right now and you will just get better.

Maybe you're doing a little of the 'learn to run' program and you're running one or two days in the week.
Accept - that is all you can do for right now and be excited about that... You will be surprised, because change will come without the stress!

You will be happy and proud of yourself!

The strange thing about acceptance is once you have acknowledged this, you finally let go of the stress, and you have peace. You realize you need change!
Change in a good way!
A gentle change that is not stressful.
You'll want to sit down and say, "How can I change this and be happy?"
There are some people who struggle with an exercise program and feel guilty because they aren't sticking with it. As soon as they let go, they reevaluate their plans for fitness and get excited and everything falls into place. They are more relaxed and start having fun.

Here's what you do.

You know you want to be healthy...

Change your thinking, get excited and start walking...
Make a promise to yourself and say, "I promise to walk this week for 4 days."
Think about all of the benefits of just walking!

Huge benefits:

    * Weight loss
    * You look better
    * Better fitness
    * A whole host of health issues can be resolved...(That's for another post.)

Write down and look at yourself in the mirror. And repeat
"I promise to walk 4 days this week!"
I promise to walk for 2 days and do the run/walk 'learn to run' program for 2 days.
I promise to start my program today or Monday.

Stay committed, because it is the committed part that makes you feel so powerful.

Put the squares on the mirror and check them off with your marker.

Keep it up and have fun!

Never Give Up --- The most exciting thought about this is that it makes you feel excited when you know that you will NEVER GIVE UP!

After doing this for a few weeks you will want to do more...
Some of you may want to stay with the walking.
That’s OK too!

Walking is an excellent source of exercise.

This is your chance to turn over a new leaf and either start a new program or go where you left off.
See how you do...Don't forget to get excited!This is the first step to YOU moving in the right direction!

How good is that?

That's the secret to running for Your Life  ~ Getting Excited

Accept that for now this is what you do, because change is coming and that is exciting.

Life can be a struggle, but please don't let runningmyspace add to your stress. I only want you to be healthy and fit and enjoy life!
No exercise plan should make you feel stressed, lousy, guilty or anything else negative.

Only happy!

So, this is what I will do.

I will promise to continue to give you motivation and information and I will follow along with you just like a running partner:

Keep on doing whatever you were doing...and when you are ready for a change...
Just let me know and I will get you going again.

*I'm going to soon be launching a new and improved 'Beginner Training Program'.
I will let you know in the coming weeks.

For now I just want you to walk, run/walk, or run and just enjoy what you can do.
Enjoy every step,



  1. Thanks Gilly. You are always so encouraging. I really appreciate your information.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Thanks Jody for the nice compliment!


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