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Have you ever had a twinge of pain on the front inside of your shin?

You could have shin splints.

Have you ever had a twinge of pain on the front inside of your shin?

sore shinsShin Splints are common occurrence that comes with a pain located on the front or inside of your shin.
 If you have ever had a twinge of pain on the front inside of your shin, I urge you to read this now.
"Let me explain exactly what are the symptoms, why it happens and most of all what you can do about it."

When you are in the early stages of a running program, you may experience a dull pain radiating up the front side of your shin. It can be very uncomfortable at the beginning of your run and then disappear once you get into your run.
Shin splints are caused by the way you land on the ground and that stress radiates to the front fascia, (the tissue the protects and connects the muscle to your bone), causing inflammation and pain.

This is a warning sign if you don't address this issue now, You could be sidelined from running for awhile! You don't want that  - especially if you have specific goals that you are trying to reach.
If you feel as though your shins hurt just walking around, then it's time to go to the doctor. It could be a stress fracture, which doesn't get better if you are still walking or running on it.

Why does this happen?
This can happen because of shoe wear, over-exertion or improper running form.

Look at your shoes and see where the wear is. This is a good way to figure out it you're running on your toes or your heels. Are your shoes old and worn out? Are they proper running shoes?

Are you running too long or too fast? Your body has to get used to each stage in running. Your head may want to push the miles and speed, but your body is still learning how to run.  Slow down and be consistent each week, only add a little more to your mileage each week. 10 percent is the best rule of thumb, if you are already athletic 15 percent is maximum!

Improper Running Form
Two bad running forms can bring stress into your running program by aggravating your muscles, especially your shins. This repetitive impact will promote inflammation in the shin area.

  1. Running on your toes...If you run on your toes you put more stress on the calf and shin muscles...These muscles are not designed to take on this kind of stress!
  2. Running over-striding...Running landing on your heels will have you over-striding and causing you to break every time you take a running step. 

Shin Splint Prevention and Treatment of Injury
  •  Go get a good fitted running shoe. It doesn't have to be really expensive, just a shoe that is designed for running and fits your running and you well.
  • Slow your running down and run gradually to the mileage that suits you. Follow a running program.
  • Ice after and then take a hot bath or use a warm pack. It is good to go back and forth with this treatment for at least an hour or so,
  • Give your legs a rest and prop them up. This is great after a bath or just anytime! Your legs will drain all the tension and they will feel renewed. 
  • Run with a mid-foot strike and relax your legs when you run. Tension can cause you to run stiff, planting your feet hard and throwing off your running form. Run gently. Practice by running a short distance running barefoot to get your form in check. (300m or 1min)
  • Stretch and walk lightly in the beginning of each run.

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