Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Clear Running Goal and Plan

Lear to run a 5K

 Your running plan and your goals for a beginner running program are important!

Remember to write them down. If you have not done so already, go write it in your running journal.  If you do not have your journal handy, make sure to make a note of it in your computer or on paper. Only work one clear goal at a time, because too many goals get lost in the rough and never get accomplished.
Too many empty goals will make you feel unsuccessful and not even 1 goal will be achieved.
Learn to run a 5K

One of the biggest mistakes new runners make is they forget what they are running for. A lot have weight loss on the mind trying desperately to get thin. If you do not plan and run in a haphazard way your dreams of being a runner quickly slide away.

Your One Clear Running Goal and Plan

 Think of a goal that is easy...

Here is an example:
The goal:   Run 5 Kilometers without stopping through the whole run.
I want to achieve this in 2 months.

This is an easy way to look at your goal, because it is believable.

How do you achieve this goal? You need a plan...

The Plan: Next you make your plan, the plan will get you to that goal.  If you do not have a clear goal, you will not be able to think of a clear plan. The plan is a map to where you want to go.
Next you search out a learn to run program going from start to the finish. 
The first running training plan only needs to be 6 weeks.

Here is a life example of having "One clear goal" and making a "Clear Plan" so that it gets done:
'Pay attention how automatic the plan unfolds.'
Say you started a new job and needed to get from home to the job, and home again. 
You search some sort of transportation or you walk.

You clearly see the goal and automatically think of a plan.

Here's where the difference is when you start running...
When you start  running it is harder to think of things automatically, because the map of results are long term and its harder to get a quick picture in your mind of the path (or plan). You just see yourself running and you do it.
Then things get all messed up because there was no real plan  or goal in the running.
A good plan for running is, "I want to learn how to run a mile." instead of 
"I want to run"
 As long as you follow the goal and plan you should come out with really good results. 

So really if we thought of getting to a job, the same way we thought of starting running program, we would never get to the job.

You now have in your head the goal and then plan to get there, before you start.
It is putting a picture in your mind, where you want to be.

  Running Programs

There are all sorts of different running programs, some take you through quickly and others are little gentler in the learning process. 
Both have pros and cons.
The program that is more aggressive will keep experienced athletes motivated by the new sport. A gentler program will keep non-athletic New Runners more focused and motivated on getting active.
Jago Holmes has a comprehensive wonderful learn to run program, because it puts you into the goal and plan mode and is gentle for a new runner and athlete. 
You need a program to get you started, you can learn with the Jago Holmes Couch to -5K  Program.
 For those of you who have not signed up yet, join the Learn to Run Program on the right. 

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