Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Keep Running Through Winter

As a beginner runner many of you may be thinking about your goals! You may be asking yourself...

"How am I going to keep running through the winter?"

The importance of exercising and keeping it consistent throughout the year is immense.
Look into the future and imagine what you will like if you stay exercising.
A sneak preview of what you might look like and what you have accomplished is exciting!
So here are a few ideas that will keep you running through the winter.

The Nike Plus - Join  Nike Plus, it is a great motivator at keeping you running through the winter. Being a part of a community, joining virtual teams or joining forums can make a real difference! Once you get comfortable, you make your own challenges that you set as private or public.
Run while it records your distance and talks to you. *Note - There is a sensor that you need to buy and attach to your shoe.  Sync it with an Ipod, Ipod touch or i-phone and you are ready to go!

The Dailymile - The dailymile is also a great place for you to manually record your runs or upload from Nike Plus or your gamin. The dailymile has great communities that you can join as a new runner and connect with Facebook and add friends.  Set goals with others and watch your performance increase over the winter or set up a more relaxed program so that you maintain your fitness.

Running Groups - Running groups in your own community are great, but be sure to join the club that is right for your level. Lots of people get intimidated by running groups because they think it's just for the elites. Believe me, there are many running groups for all levels, so check them out! Lots of these groups or clubs have great programs for the winter that teach you how to start running and information on setting and completing goals!

Community GroupsSparks people have a great site for community!  It is a place to record your runs, exercise, diet and tips!
This is a great motivator and you will love all the different events you can join.

Running outside in the winter is a different and fun way to challenge your running!
 If you live in the northern hemisphere, cold and snow are for 6 months straight...More or less, so go out a plan your winter running program!

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