Thursday, January 27, 2011

Training For Running Faster

What is it About Running and Challenging Yourself?

The first thing that always comes to mind after you've gotten your running down and doing it for awhile...(about 3 months)

Your thinking, hmmm...
I want to be faster.
I want to train to get faster...

Maybe you've gone in your first 5K race just to see if you could finish!
Now you want to do another 5K except run it faster!
It now comes down to that very competitive feeling inside you.
You want more...
You want to challenge yourself!

YOU're feeling good about things, but you're not sure where to go from there.
Maybe this time,  you want to run a 5K in under 30 minutes!

"Is there a program that shows you how to run faster?"
 There is I promise, but let me go over a few things first...

As long as you've gotten 3 months of good consistent running behind you...
  • You are probably at the stage where running has become a part of you.
  • You are probably starting to love running and training for a race is exactly what you need!
  •  Maybe you're chumming with other runners and they are talking about racing too!
  • Seek a race that you want to run and register.
  • Before you start training for running faster, you need to think about your long term goal.

What is your long term goal? 
    • Having a clear plan of what distance to race.
    • When you plan on doing the actual race.
    • How many days per week do you have available to train?
    • How much time are you giving yourself before the race?
    • Are you feeling healthy and pain free? To prevent any injury down the road.

     It's best that you give yourself time to train so that you can feel confident that the race will go as you planned. 6 to12 weeks is the best time frame to look at, so that you can focus not on just finishing the race, but doing it faster too.The time frame enables you increase your endurance and speed so that you'll perform just they way you want to.

    Training for running faster makes more sense when your first race progress is a 5K race distance. You'll again be much better prepared for all the challenges that you will meet.  Start at a 5K distance for now and then the next race think about the 10K and so on...

    How are you feeling? Do you feel any pain running in the knees, shins or ankles. You should get them looked at just to make sure that you don't need any special needs - like orthotics. 

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