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How to run faster and longer without getting tired...

  Increase your SPEED and DISTANCE now!

3 different practices to running faster and longer!

1.Run Faster Practicing Interval Training

Your next run...
  • Run for only 15/ 20 minutes then...  
  • The last 10 minutes  - end your run fast (2X around a track or half a mile). 
  • run at a 3rd gear pace - read bottom of page
  •  Run a half mile block if you don't have a track.
Interval training increases your overall speed.
Doing 800 meters of fast running builds your lung capacity. This improves your oxygen intake and feeds your heart and muscles.You become a more efficient runner.

2. Practicing The Tempo Run

  • The tempo run is doing your regular pace for 10 minutes.
  • Picking up your speed  for 15 or 20 minutes at 2nd gear.
  • Completing your run at a comfortable pace for 10 minutes more.
  • (The tempo run will be more kilometers than your interval training run)

3.Running longer?

Don't dump a lot of mileage on your first day, do it gradually!
  • Increase your running time by just a little bit and run back and forth between 1st and 2nd gear. (Read how fast do you run drills.)
  • Find one run day in the week and add more mileage running it slower then your regular pace.
  • Increase your mileage every week or two on your long run day, by 10 percent.

Here's how it goes...
  1. You run 5K, bump it up for the next week or two by10%
  2. the following week add 10% more again
  3. then the week following, run your long day the same distance as week 1.
Keep repeating this schedule until you've reached your desired distance!

How fast do you run drills?  
  I want you to think of speed as 4 gears...1st 2nd 3rd and 4th.

1st - You are running comfortably. 
Just your normal runs where you are able to talk comfortably.
2nd - You are running up a notch. 
Huffing and puffing in the beginning an easy to get used to.
3rd - You are running at a race pace.
If you've ever been in a 5K race. It's the pace you actually get very tired doing. With great training you eventually get comfortable with it.
4th - Your fastest pace, switching your whole body ON.
Usually used for interval training, short races, or parts of races.

Rest Days and Cross-Training

Rest Day
Give yourself rest day in-between your runs. These are the days that you do not run and let your muscles heal.

Cross -Training
It doesn't mean on rest days you do nothing, it means I'd like you to cross-train and do others sports like cycling, swimming or rowing.
Cross-training helps your body build other muscles and brings a nice strong balance to your whole body.

How do you run faster?
  • You pick a realistic goals...
  • You bump up your program by training with interval, tempo and long training runs!
  • Provide yourself with rest and cross-training days. 
  • A realistic goal would be to change your running pace from 7 minutes to 6 minutes. 
  • Entering into a race that you have the experience for. You shouldn't enter a marathon if you haven't had running experience for a least a year, half marathon would be better.
  • Running no more than 4 days per week to get sufficient rest and cross-training days.

You are not quite ready to run faster and longer yet...
  • if you still desperately need to walk during any part of your run because it hard.
  •  if you feel winded during your 30 minute runs.
  • if you feel any pain while you run.

You will feel better reading this article:
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  1. the post is really wonderful .....
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  2. Thanks so much I love it when I know I've helped!


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