Friday, February 11, 2011

Long Distance Running Training for Beginners

So you've been running for 3 months now and you've decided you want to run longer distances...
Imagine...You... Running 10 kilometers or longer and feeling great!

When you've finished reading this post you will understand what kind of plan to look for while adding more mileage to your runs.

The road isn't as long as you think it might be,
knowing a few rules before you start will give you a crystal clear vision on how you tackle distance training and even maybe running a marathon!

Learn to run long distance

You will benefit by following these simple rules for long distance training for beginners.
  1. you need to have a structured running training plan, with recovery days and cross training days so that your muscles rest and you get better performance 
  2. the running training plan needs to emphasize training for a longer term period
  3. The training plan needs to be prioritize for the right age group, fitness level and experience 

 Let me explain...

A structured running training plan is so important, because it focuses on your goals! You know what you want to achieve and what you have to do to achieve it. If you want to be able to run for an hour by next month and you've been running only a couple of weeks...

A good plan will tell you... "That's not going to happen!"
A good plan has be tried and tested so that you achieve optimal results. The plan will tell what days to run, how many days to run, what days not to run, and what days to cross train. Following the plan makes training for beginners easy and motivates you to upgrade when finished and move on to the next plan.

Long distance running training for beginners should not be just long mileage training, but also gradual training that is long term. If you started a program that ends at the 6 week mark, it's time to do the next program that goes another 6 weeks and so on. Some programs are in 12 week increments, it completely depends on what type of program you are doing. If you wanted to run for 1 hour and you are only able to run 30 minutes...

You need to find a 12 Week 10K Training Program  that focuses on gradually running up to an hour or more. (10 Kilometers) I find the best long term running training programs are ones that are set up in increments for the year.(For example quarterly) As you progress to longer distances, expect that your plans for training will be for longer periods. (10 to 12 weeks)
Many of you are running in your 40s, 50s even 60s...
It's never to late to start running.
One of the most important things I must emphasize is overload.
When a new runner is given a training plan  and tries to accomplish  running 10 Kilometers, it is important that experience, age and fitness level be taken into account. A training plan for a 20 year will be slightly different then a plan for a 50 year old.  The older you are, this less jumping around you've done in the last 20 years! Your level of fitness will be different and you may have added health issues.

It's exciting to move on to the next stage of running!
Yes, if you run and train for long distances you will be able to run 10Kilometers,  a half marathon, marathon or even ultra marathon, but always make sure that you have found a great plan that is good for you. Pay attention to what your body is telling you so that you can adjust your plans otherwise.

As always asks questions, knowledge is your best teacher!

Read this Special Report on learning how to train for a marathon. It's a great program that enhances your running and takes you to where you want to go! If you want to run longer distances check out this program and let me know what you think!

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