Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Motivation to lose Your belly Fat!

What better motivation to learn to run and lose Your belly fat!

Have you ever tried using a tape measure in helping you lose belly fat?

This is a great tool!
How about I give you a great tip to help motivate you even more in losing that jiggly fat.

Imagine for a moment you measuring your waist, so your looking in the mirror and not
pleased at what you see. Think now, you walk everyday and run walk every other day.
Where did that belly go?
You left it in your tracks...Way back to a month before you started  exercising and changing your eating!

If you measure your belly today and mark the number you measured - on the calendar. 
(don't tell anybody what that number means... It's your secret number!)
Count 21 days after today and subtract the number you measured by one. 
Put that number on the calendar.

Now this is your goal, the new number on the 21st day. 

This is your motivation...

In 21 days you are going to be 1 inch thinner than today.
So... what do you have to do?
Well, run walk of course!

Just go out and walk and run and walk and run.

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Lots of people have come here and never had thought they would
run...Guess what? 
They did.
They are running now and loving it! 
Start at least walking and cut down on what you put in your mouth...

If it is not grown in the ground or wasn't once alive...
Don't eat it...I want you to lose an inch!

This is your challenge!
In 21 days lets just see if this works for you!

Join me on the inside...

It's fun!
Imagine how healthy and thin you'll feel by spring...
Your belly will be tiny and your smile will be big! :)
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