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Running Form For Beginners

Running form for beginners is a natural body movement. 

Running For Beginners

When you run your body should feel free and comfortable. Try to feel the flow with your body, putting one foot in front of the other and letting the momentum of your body following through . Let your hips rotate as your body moves forward followed by a running step. A lot of times you run tense because of the stress you had in your day or even not running for enjoyment!  Forget that and just run with your head straight ahead and conquer the world.

Correcting your running posture could change your whole feeling of running!

Watch the kids in the park...
When we were children we were not burdened with so much stress and we ran effortlessly, almost like sailing through waves.

Where can you find the best running form?

From young children!
Go to a park and watch 5 and 6 year old children run. They have the perfect running form. Children have the perfect posture and lean like a straight ramp, while running effortlessly. To increase their speed they lean at the ankles, flowing through every step and seeming never to get tired.

When you have the correct running form, you last longer.

When I run I feel completely centered with myself and more alive than sometimes doing all the other things in my life.

Think of running effortlessly...

I like to think of myself as an animal charging through the African landscape, like a cheetah, lynx, or lion. Think of a cat or dog how it runs effortlessly. A horse is another example of running free without any restraints or stresses. Sometimes the thought of a person in good running form will help correct your posture.

When you're not feeling comfortable running...

If you are not feeling comfortable running or have injuries it may be because you have actually unlearned
"running"! Stress and changes to your body  as you age, can actually affect your running posture and work against you. Gravity can work against improper posture producing stress in your muscles and ligaments. You can easily change this!

Always pay attention to how you feel...

If you feel like walking, it's probably because you are running too fast or it could be your running form.

  • slow down...
  •  What is uncomfortable? 
  •  Relax your body, start from your neck on down to your spine and down all the way through to your legs to your toes, if you feel tense shake it out.
  • Straighten your form - shoulders back, think of the light shining through you, land on your mid foot.
  • Breathe easy and get your pace back to where it was.
  • OR just run the rest of your run slow concentration on the sites and check in for good form.
When you have excellent running posture gravity will work with you.

Run as though a light was shinning from the sky...

Through the top your head and down aligning your body to the ground. If you are bent over too much the light will not get through, but if you run correctly this new position will take the impact off your joints and muscles and add more comfort to your running. A good example of how your body should look, would be to straighten your whole body and lean without bending your torso up against the wall.

Landing on Your Feet

When you think of running and landing on your feet, you are probably thinking that you are landing on the most comfortable part of your foot. Yet most of us land on the part of our foot that is unforgiving for running which could eventually cause injury. Landing on your heels and toes can cause injuries to your ankles, feet, shins, back and hips.

Try a little bit of barefoot running!
When you run in barefoot you absolutely won't land on your heels, you won't land on you toes; you only land gently on the pads of your foot (the mid point of your foot).
Go out today and practice running around your house barefoot in the grass. Feel how gently you land on your feet and how you place your foot on the ground.

The next time you run in running shoes try to be conscious of how you are landing on your feet.

There now I bet you're feeling better!
Run feeling relaxed and your body will be running for joy!
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Have a good run today!

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