Saturday, October 1, 2011

Correct Posture While Running

Do you need to correct posture while running?
If you've thought your walking posture was bad,  than it's right to think about correcting your running posture and change your running for the better!

What does bad running posture do to running?
  • It makes your body fall out of it's natural alignment.
  • Your torso, hips, legs, shoulders, back and even your breathing can be affected.
  • It causes you to run slower and feel sluggish.

Why do you feel so uug during a race? 

  • During a race you are much more tense and tired than during your normal runs and your posture is different than it usually is. Usually tilted to the side, slouched or too far back.
  • Your joints and muscles become strained and tight because of lack of oxygen.  
  • Your breathing goes out of rhythm and is shallow.
  • Cramping can even happen in the abdomen because of slouching over.

 How do you align your body while you run?
  • Be conscious of when you feel these symptoms above, and change your running posture by doing a posture body check starting at your shoulders and down your neck to your abdomen, legs then ankles. If you feel tension in any part, relax it. 
  • Look ahead with your eyes peering about 20 feet away, your chin should be level with you neck relaxed. Sometimes this is all that is needed to get your running posture in check. (My Trick!) 
  • Shoulders back for good breathing - Visualize a light from the sky shining down through your head to in between your feet. Think this and you will have perfect posture!

I have been working on my core and training using Runner's Yoga.
This program focuses on your muscles and joints and builds strength and flexibility.
Correct posture while running is so important to help your body stay strong!
Running and feeling good is really important. Be conscious of your posture while you run.

This is my test that you need to try, it was amazing!

I ran a 5K being completely conscious of my posture.
After coming back from the run with better posture, my running times where about a minute faster then usual! I couldn't believe it, because to be honest I wasn't putting a lot of speed or effort into it.
What a surprise!
I ran with my my back and shoulders straighter, looking straight ahead. I constantly thought of a beam of light that would need a good path to shine down through my body, starting from the top of my head down between my feet.  

Then another day I ran and didn't concentrate or think about posture. After doing a regular run with an unconscious posture my times were slower...About a minute slower.
I actually felt more tired at the end of my run.

This may have had to do with a whole host of issues, but to see if your posture has something to do with the way your running is going, try it.

Stay in tune with your body and think about your running posture!
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