Monday, October 3, 2011

Should overweight people run?

Yes, overweight people should run!


There are a few things that need to get worked out first.

  • You need to start a walking program first for about a week - Walking everyday or every-other-day for a half hour to an hour.
  •  If you are overweight by more than 30 pounds walk every day until you can get your weight down and it's comfortable to walk. The reason is this weight can be hard on your joints.
  • You need to get a thorough health assessment done by your doctor to cancel out any problems you may have when you start exercising. Example: Joint, muscles, respiratory and heart issues.
  • Invest in a great running shoe at a good running store.
  • Wear clothes that feel comfortable for walking and running. The best clothes are materials that draw the sweat away from your body. Good wicking materials are Lycra and polyester which are woven in such away to make your experience comfortable.
  • A pedometer, watch, ipod or gps are all great for tracking your runs and recording distance, time and pace.
  • Get started in a FREE  learn to run program  and then join a learn to run 5K training for beginners. I offer the first 6 weeks and I'd love to help you keep you going with tips and motivation. Sign up!
Being overweight can be really hard, but turning over a new leaf and walking, run/walking and then running will turn your life around. 
Watch this video, it will inspire!

Don't be discouraged if you're really eager to run, but you have to walk first.
There are many benefits to walking!
It's time to start a good habit and walking is the best way to do it.
As you saw in the video...
 It's truly life changing!

Once you get used to walking weekly you've started something that will blend into your day. Running begins with the run/walk program. With my learn to run program it's FREE the first 6 weeks.
After most people want a more comprehensive training, 5K training for beginners.
When you join the 5K program you still receive tips and motivation from me, because I really want you to succeed.

Keep going and never give up...
Pat yourself on the shoulder for just getting out the door.
One step at a time. Make a promise to yourself and sign up today!
There are no quick fixes, only true results like you saw in the video.
Every time I watch this video, it makes me cry...

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