Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can you start running over 50?

Learn to run
So you've pondered over this question a few times and are seriously thinking of learning to run!
People might think your crazy, but you're not...
Can You start Running over 50?

The answer is YES a resounding yes...yes...YES

Here are the many reasons to learn to run over 50! 
(Or do any exercise for that matter)

  1.  Set your body clock back and reverse signs of aging! You'll be in better condition in your 50, 60 and 70s than you were at middle age.
  2. Increase benefits to your health by having bones grow stronger, denser and less likely to break if you fall!
  3. Improve muscle tone and strength, helping you have better balance, flexibility and better heart health.
  4. Improves organ function by preventing diseases like cancer, autoimmune, heart and lung diseases.
  5. Enhances brain function by increasing blood flow to the brain. Mental processes are better with better memory, attentiveness and alertness.
  6. A great means of helping prevent Alzheimer's disease.
  7. Increase your happiness and well-being by being close to nature and yourself!
Learn to run
running beach
The idea is to get in good shape. Right?

There are many reasons to get in good shape over the age of 50 and there are many reasons to be careful  beginning a running program.
Important Learn to Run Issues to keep in mind...

  1. Health - What is your present state of health? Get a physical from your doctor and tell your doctor you want to start a beginner running program. Some of you may have health issues that may do worse by adding running to your agenda. Never rule out another aerobic activity, because the health benefits out weigh all.
  2. Follow an age appropriate program and train slow, and follow the program intently. Going for shorter distances may feel arduous but going a little bit more could set you back weeks with an injury.
  3. Involve other sports into your life to aid in strength training, balance and flexibility. Swimming, elliptical bike, walking, or yoga are all great sports for muscles, bones and joints.
  4. Run in the daytime where there are people around or with a friend or partner. You want to be able to get help if you need it.
  5. Carry a phone just in case.
  6. Hydrate by drinking 6 to 8 cups daily and a cup or 2 every half hour run. Drink in sips...
  7. Eat 6 meals a day making a conscious effort to keeping with the proper food groups.
  8. Don't skip out on adding protein for snacks, an apple is great, but adding nuts to the mix is better!

    If you really want to start running over 50, the most important information sits with your health and your doctor...
    Starting running and exercising is a plus to reversing the effects of age and increasing the longevity of your life!

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