Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running Form and Shin Splints

In this article I'm going to talk to you about 
 running form and Shin Splints and what to do about them.

 Having shin splints can be extremely difficult to deal with in a beginner running program. It can stop you in your tracks and bring your running program to a halt.

You're left wondering... 

"Why do my shins hurt?"

You can correct this just by changing your running form! 
Click on this link,  "Why do I have shin pain?" and understand what is happening to your shins and running! 

What do you do?

Stop Running! 
It is important to stop running immediately to prevent more damage!

  • First off, stop running so that you don't damage to your shins.
  • Give yourself at least a few days rest. 
  • If the pain is really bad, relax and give yourself a week. 
  • Sometimes you will still feel a subtle pain in the shin area. Give yourself more time, because You may need a month or more off. 
Do exercises to strengthen and stretch muscles.

Do these exercises to prevent shin splints 3X per week.
You prevent shin splints from developing by strengthening  muscles in the shin area.
A good indication when to start running again is when bruising diminishes.

Change Your Running Form!

 Sloppy running form and being a beginner running can sabotage your running program and make you prone to injuries of the:

Change your running form by...
  • Running upright, without slouching your posture. (It's too much weight for your lower body to take and hard on your lower legs.) 
  • Keep your chin parallel to the ground.
  • Hold your abdomen strong.
  • Keep your shoulders quiet and facing forward.
  • Keep arms swinging back, controlled and not crossed over in front of your body.
  • Relax your hands in a soft grip. (Like you were holding cotton and not wanting to squish it.)
  • Land mid-foot, (Not on your heels or up on your toes.) 


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