Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Running Tips for Beginners

Beginner Runner
Too often learning to run can be daunting, this is why reading these running tips for beginners is a must!

    Here are some great running tips!

    1. Start out slow...Yes, sure you want to go in that 5K race in 2 weeks, but there is no way you can develop endurance and stamina running in that amount of time.  Like anything new you have to start slow or you risk injury.

    2. If you are a beginner running, start by walking for 10 minutes and running for a minute...
    See how you feel, if you can go for 5 minutes more... than do it. If not, stay in the 1 minute zone. That's 1 minute on the run and 1 minute on the walk and gradually increasing your time to 2,3,4 and then 5 minutes running and always keep it a 1 minute walk. Once you get yourself to 15 minutes running straight which usually takes up to 6weeks or more. Your are ready to start building towards the 30 minute mark. This is when I usually  recommend trying a 5K race.

    3. Run or run/walk only 4 days per week. Running more for a new runner will cause stress in your body thus bring injury. Walking is best on your off days.
    I found that runners who do too much running in the beginning don't stick to it  OR they are not  committed and only run a few months out of the year. 

    4. Always get a health check up prior to starting an exercise program. If you have any feelings of dizziness or pain, stop.  See a doctor go immediately if you are concerned!

    5. Run with a partner, this helps to keep you motivated and challenges you to keep going and not quit.

    6. Although it is nice to have a running partner for a lot of your runs...It is also nice to go running solo. There are no distractions and sometimes it is easier to connect with yourself and understanding what is best for you at the moment.

    7. Eat moderately 1 hour or more before running. One of the worst distractions while running is food sloshing around in your belly and then getting a stitch and throwing up. Food that is digested well will give excellent energy for moving forward and getting there.
    If running early in the morning, have a small drink of water and 1/4 of a banana or oatmeal and wait at least 20 minutes. This really is an important issue for people who run up to 1 hour.

    8. Wear good running shoes and go get fitted at a specialty store.

    9. Do proper stretches  before and after your workout so that you relieve soreness and muscle tightness and decrease the chance for injury.

    10. Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable. Good wicking clothes are the best, because it prevents sweat from sticking to your body, it pulls the sweat away from your body and through to the outer surface of the garment. This is good because the material next to your skin stays dry!

    11. If running at night wear white or reflective clothing, always go with a cell phone and name tag with address and phone.

    12. Run towards traffic--- not with. Try to keep to sidewalks and parks.

    13. Always leave information to where you are going before you go out and carry a phone.
    14. If having you are having a real tough time running, sign up for the Learn to Run program on the upper right hand side in the margin on this page. Learn how to start running today.

    15. It is good to follow a program or a coach so that you know how to set proper goals. Or join a running group that will offer you more tips for beginner runners!

    16. When muscles are sore, sooth with a cold shower, staying moderately active, message and ice occasionally. Sore muscles are a common ailment in the beginning of any exercise program or mileage increase.

    17. Only increase mileage by 10%  per week.

    18. If you miss a run keep yourself motivated by saying promises to yourself. You should never move ahead of a beginner running program.

    19. During the walking breaks walk swiftly.

    20. Buy a watch that displays the:
    Date - The day of your exercise
    Time - how long it took to walk or run/walk
    Distance - Km/Miles

    These are optional:
    Calories burned

    21. Most of all I hope you enjoyed these running tips for beginners and start running and have fun!

    • Do you want to join a race, but you think you can't because you are a beginner runner?
    • Did you want to begin a running program, but you don't know how to get started?
    • Are you thinking you might want to be in really good shape next season?
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    1. These are GREAT tips. My neighbor is one of the Lost Boys (google it!) and runs every day. He's at thin as a rail and as strong as an ox!

    2. I want to learn & start to run. Great tips, I will start to apply them all. Thank You! Here's to running :)

    3. Thank you for all of these tips! I am a beginning runner and know these will help.

    4. WOW! These are all excellent tips! I'm not a runner but I do love walking...with my 2 little dogs...usually about 3 - 5 miles every day, weather permitting. These tips are great for that as well! Thanks for sharing!

    5. This is an excellent list of great tips to help a newbie get started on a running program. I wish I was able to do this.

    6. I think i need to learn to run first.. then i can dive into the rest.

    7. I'm impressed with all the considerations you have here. I hope it inspires others to start exercising. My life falls apart without exercise!

    8. Interesting tips, my favorite is #15! I think that when we follow a program or a coach we tend to be more effective an productive in everything we do. - Meire Weishaupt

    9. Thank you Dr. Christy L. Johnson for the compliment, I hope it inspires others as well! It's no fun being out of shape.

    10. Yes it's good to get a feel of what you have to do before you get started. Thanks Robert!

    11. Thanks Christy Garrett, I wish you could too :(

    12. Thanks Alexandra, I'm glad you get out there and stay active!

    13. Awesome Michelle!
      Let me know if you need any advice! Thank you!

    14. Luisa, good for you! Let me know if you need any help!

    15. Wow Tina what an amazing story! I was really touched! Thank you!

    16. Thanks Ernestine for the compliment! :)

    17. What an excellent "how to" article for the beginning runner. I truly believe everyone should work with coach, whether it is in business or learning how to run. Someone who has the experience to lead you down the right path the first time to success.

    18. I did not know that cold water and ice help with sore muscles. Thanks so much for the tips, they are very useful!

    19. I truly believe that anyone could learn to run a marathon if they read these easy to follow and thorough steps to learning how to get ready to run a marathon.

    20. Thank you Carla, yes I do believe when you really want to succeed it's good to have a coach or mentor to smoother the road.
      @Simona I'm glad you enjoyed and learned a knew tip :))
      @Meryl thank you so much!

    21. Helpful tips to follow to be fit & safe Gilly :}


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