Friday, December 9, 2011

Sore Legs After Running

What is the best cure for sore legs after running?

  • Give your body 2 days of rest 
  • After if the pain isn't too bad, try to go for a light run or walk.
  • Make sure that you do light stretches with your legs throughout the day.
  • Use ice packs.
  • Have a warm bath.
  • Rest your legs for awhile, but do not sit for  long periods of time.
  • Get a gentle messages from family, friend or do it yourself.
  • Take running slowly and at your fitness level...Start by run/walking.
  • Try yoga.
  • Cross train - swim, bike or walk.
  • Get an extra long night sleep.
  • Take a short nap.
  • Take ibuprofen
  • sMiLe - You are doing your body good bye exercising and getting healthy.
  • Know that you will feel much better in a few days.

What do you do for sore leg muscles?
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