Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How do you run in the winter?

How do you run in the snow, ice and the cold?

Running in the winter can be fun, but it can be distressing when you think you're not able to keep up with running in the winter because of the weather!

How do you run in the winter?
  • First keep a good eye out on the weather, run when the weather is milder during the day or milder through the week. Planning your time around the weather can make a huge difference in the difficulty in winter running. When temperatures are above freezing wear light layers and when temperatures are below, wear heavier layers.
  •  Dress warm and in layers, so that you can easily start shedding clothes. Layering appropriately with good wicking materials will keep you warm and dry pulling the sweat away from your body.  
     Here's how it goes for winter dressing...

    First a good wicking long sleeve shirt, a soft liner, windbreaker, mitts or gloves and a hat.
    Warm up for about 5 minutes indoors and then go outside and warm up for another 10 more minutes and your off and running.
    Have a blast! 

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