Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tips on a Healthy Way to Eat

Eating is essential for you well-being.

Eating the right foods are important for your health and your well-being. 
If you tap into good eating now, the well of this good fortune will positively change you for tomorrow!
I wanted to present you with a few of my tips on a healthy way to eat, so that you can start today a new day.

20 tips on the healthiest way to eat all the time.

1.  Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible.
2.  If buying boxed or processed foods, look to see what the first ingredients are. If it is sugar...Put it back.
3.  Mostly shop on the outside aisle of your grocery store.
4.  Eat three colours of vegetables for each meal.
5.  Eat fresh fruit in the morning and/or fresh squeezed juice.
6.  Eat a handful of baked walnuts or almonds with fruit in the morning.
7.  Look for and buy organic, chemical free fresh fruits and vegetables.
8.  Read nutritional labels. If you haven't heard of it...Don't eat it.
9.  Don't eat fast foods more than once or twice a month.
10.  When eating at restaurant, ask about nutritional labels for their food.
11.  Try to eliminate alcohol regularly, simple fruit drinks and carbonated drinks
12.  Do not overcook meats or vegetables.
13.  Avoid eating smoked, processed and preserved meats.
14.  Canned food is OK, but pick fresh or frozen first.
15.  Combine foods that feel right to you...Listen to what your body wants.
16.  Avoid synthetic fats- Margarine, shortening and refined liquid vegetable oils.
17.  Eat less white flour, white rice etc and eat more whole wheat.
18.  Cook with olive oil or peanut oil instead of refined oils.
19.  Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids like avocado, eggs, walnuts and fish.
20.  Supplement your diet with essential fatty acid nutritional supplements.
More Weightloss Tips........

To make eating simpler rate your foods on a coloured scale:

*Green - meaning foods that should be consumed daily
*Yellow - eating the foods sometimes
*Red - eating foods almost never
*If you find you are eating more in the yellow category then try to eat more in the green category!*

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