Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are you going to run this winter?

Here are some great articles if you are going to run this winter!

Winter Running Clothing Tips

What do you wear running in the winter?
Please enjoy these winter running clothing tips!

Good wicking socks
So that your wet feet don't freeze in the winter.
I love wearing cotton, but cotton can be your foot's worst enemy when it's wet and temperatures plummet below freezing.

Winter Running Tips for Beginners

   Running Shoes For Winter
Buy Running Shoes for Running
Keep Running Through the Winter
As we reach the end of the year we are reminded of cold temperatures and snow.

I love winter but not being ready for it has the thought of winter shivering up my backside.  
How you fit and organize your running program into the season can make for better running.
If you've gone through a winter before or you're a  beginner, you probably want a list to keep you ready.
Here is some winter tips to get you organized. 

Running Shoes For Winter Weather

Are your shoes doing a good job running this winter? 
Do you need winter running shoes for winter weather?

It may of suddenly dawned on you that keeping up with your regular running program this winter might be hard. 
Does this sound like you?

Keep Running Through Winter

As a beginner runner many of you may be thinking about your goals! You may be asking yourself...
"How am I going to keep running through the winter?"

The importance of exercising and keeping it consistent throughout the year is immense.
Look into the future and imagine what you will look like if you stay exercising.
A sneak preview of what you might look...
Read more....

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