Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winter Running Clothing Tips

What do you wear running in the winter?

Please enjoy these winter running clothing tips!

Good wicking socks
So that your wet feet don't freeze in the winter.
I love wearing cotton, but cotton can be your foot's worst enemy when it's wet and temperatures plummet below freezing.

Running Shoes 
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You should have shoes to prevent slipping on snow and ice this winter.  Buy a trail running shoe with a good tread or fit Yaktrax on the bottom of your regular shoe. Your frustration from slipping is gone and your feet remain dry and warm.

Running pants

Having good wicking clothes to keep that sweat away from your body this winter will have you running tights if it isn't too cold, but I suggest a good wind pant keep your legs warm. Warm up with tights underneath the wind pants and when you're ready to run, stuff the wind pants into a carrier. Your legs are quite good at staying warm since they are in constant movement.
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Underwear and bra
It's also good to have underwear and bra with good wicking, so sweat pulls away from the skin and prevents chafing. Take a look at these pretty nice running bras.

Running Shirt, liner, and windbreaker
These all need to be designed for easy running. I find when you wear a cotton shirt that holds sweat, a chill quickly sets in. Good shirts for running are a must to pull sweat away from your skin. The liner should be made of materials that do the same as your shirt. Also protecting your core area with a windbreaker acts like a shell to not allow the wind to penetrate. Dressing in these layers enables you to take layers off if you get too warm. Dressing in this kind of layers is nice because it also lets you peel off the lightest clothing first and then can be easily stuffed into a running waist pack.  If you get really hot, the liner can be wrapped around your waist not inhibiting your run at all.

 Head and Hands
 A hat or head band and mitts or gloves are a must for winter temperatures. You've probably heard this before...  Heat escapes first out your head and hands. These items need to have good thermal protection while providing a way for sweat to escape. Sweat can make your fingers feel cold and even freeze and your head feel uncomfortable and wet.

This last winter tip is important!

If you happen to take layers off, remember to put layers back on as soon as you have finished running. Your body is vulnerable and needs at this time to be protected from the winter chill.
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