Monday, November 14, 2011

Sore Knees Running

Do you have sore knees running?
What can you do to fix them?

Fix Your Knees Strengthening Using Your ABCs
 A little bit of strength training can go a long way. 
This is simple... Try this!

  • lie on the floor on your back
  • a pillow under your head
  • hands should be snuggled under your lower back and bottom
  • your right leg is bent with foot flat on floor
  • raise your left leg and bend about 90 degrees
  • Start drawing the alphabet with your foot facing up!
  • Switch legs and repeat once building up to twice on each leg, 5 days a week for two weeks

If you have pain, help prevent your knees from getting injured. Stop, walk it off and then rest.
Having sore knees means that you need to take a break from exercise, especially repetitive strenuous exercise. If you are running, add more rest days and cross-train swimming, biking and walking.

 Maybe though...
You're having troubles with your sore knees all the time, like during your off times from running..
It could be caused by a number of factors:
The large muscle above the knee needs to be strong so that your knees don't take on all the weight of running or any exercise for that matter!

When we age we start to lose a bit of cartilage each decade. You can build your cartilage, bones and muscles by running and walking, but doing these exercises slowly and gradually building up to your fitness level. Sometimes jumping ahead of a program no matter what your age can have negative consequences. A bum knee being one.
Strengthening your Quadriceps
Protect against cartilage loss by doing strength training exercises by building muscle so that it can act as a cushion absorb some of the impact from running.

These exercises are great for working your quad muscles in the knee area.
You will find your legs feel much stronger and the pain in your knees fade.
If the pain does not go away in two weeks see your doctor.

*Keep your knees healthy by doing these exercises twice a week.  

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