Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5k Training Plan For You and YOUR OTHER

Many times you try to get your significant Other to run, many times you have failed.

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You worry... 
You're getting in good shape, but your OTHER isn't.

Your worry about your Other's health...
Heart attacks
Degenerative diseases....to name just a few...

You worry about your "LOVE".
This is your time to show Other this plan.
This is a plan that both of you can work on together.

I'll make it easy.
Grab Other's hand tonight and walk...
Talk to Other about health and keep walking.
Tell Other you want Other to do a plan to get healthy together.

Then show OTHER the plan...
The 5K Plan...
After your walk...tell Other the first day is already done.
Love doesn't get any better than that.
Get Other close to you tonight, for your health and your life together.

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