Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Running Shoes That Prevent Shin Splints

Do you have shin splints?
When you have shin splints, you'll experience the dreaded sharp pain on the inside or front of your shin while you walk or run. It can be so uncomfortable and can prevent you from running faster times and longer distances.
Shin Splints can bring running or learning to run to a complete halt!

The running shoe that I feel is the best for support and preventing shin splints is the above

Are there really running shoes that prevent shin splints?

I can't say that if you buy a running shoe it will stop you from getting shin splints, but I can say  to make sure you have the right shoe suited for YOU.  
This will be a great prevention!

Here are 5 reasons why the right shoe prevents shin splints...
  1. If you have flat feet or a high arch the right shoe will correct this with support where you need it. 
  2. You run with a better alignment making running smoother and less likely to be hard on your limbs.
  3. You run with better posture, so less stress is on your shins.
  4. A good shoe forces you to land mid-foot, preventing the braking action after landing on your heels and causing stress on your shins.
  5. The right running shoe corrects your alignment, posture, step while providing you with corrective padding and comfort in the places you need it. These shoes are usually good quality and lasting longer preventing the shoes from wearing down... Thus lessening your chance for shin splints.
How do I get fitted with a good shoe to prevent splints? 

If you've been running for a long time and your shin splints creep up on you every year causing you pain... Your best prevention is a running shoe that prevents shin splints.

 Are you a new runner experiencing this shin pain for the first time?,

It's time to get proactive and see a specialist. A Pedorthist is a health professional that you can get referred to from your doctor. . A Pedorthist can customize orthotics to help solve your troubles and specializes in setting you up with the best solutions for you and your shin splints.

You can also go to your local running store and tell them your problem. They may offer you a gait analysis which is watching they way you run and fitting you from then on.

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