Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why do most new runners quit?

If you've quit running before... Will you start running again?

Of course! 
Go for a walk today and...

Why do most new runners quit?

Most new runners quit when they're just about getting good at it!

  • Because in the beginning it's hard. 
  • Because they've stopped following scheduled runs.
  • Because they haven't seen any improvements yet.

What should new runners do?

You have to realize, to get good, you have to cut through the uncomfortable moments of running first. New runners have to pass this point and magical moments will start to happen! Running becomes something they never knew it would be...

You will start to see your own successes...

  • weight-loss
  • longer distances
  • increased muscle tone 
  •  more energy
If you stuck with running a little longer you'd find another magical moment  around that corner..
It would be reaching for goals you never thought attainable!
  • races
  • half marathons
  • marathons
  • ultramarathons
  • running for the joy of running for the rest of your life!

Always picture what you want yourself to look like in 6 months...  
So when you feel like quitting and running gets hard, you'll have that one picture in your mind. 
You won't want to quit!
(By RunningMySpace)

So if you are one of the ones that are having a hard time getting into running, take a deep...deep...deep breath and let it out slowly and put that picture in your head of what you want to look like.

Remember why you are doing this ...

 Running feels good, it's wonderful, especially if you've passed that hard to get started threshold!
6 weeks...
 That's all it takes to get you going again...
knowing running is a great habit is something to keep you hanging on!

After six weeks you'll  be running for 20 to 30 minutes. 
There will be some hard days when you want to challenge yourself more, but nothing compared to the beginning.

If you're having problems with goals...
Get yourself started...
Go for a walk for a half hour and then run, but don't run fast; just run so that you are still able to sing a song or chant a verse.
While your doing this find a line of trees, some poles, driveways etc and run until you get past at least 2 of them.
The next day, walk that same path and do it again.

If you need extra help, besides my motivation. I urge you to get
 The 5K Training for Beginners Program
Picture yourself this summer just running in the sun...Comfortably.

YOU can do it NOW!
Learn to Run ~ Take Action Now!
Please contact me if you need more motivation and help!
I love helping people run!

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