Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chi Running For Beginners

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I've talked about proper running form before and how when you're a beginner runner having proper posture is crucial to good running. There are many different posture programs that offer great ways to get you running in good form.

The program that I recommend 
is Chi Running. 

You can unlearn how to run by wearing heavily supported shoes, over training, or laziness. Hence all this takes you away from your natural posture. Why not try to learn to run naturally through Chi Running.  

Chi running involves tapping into an energy source that can improve your running immensely!

 10 Tips for Chi Running For Beginners

  1. Practice taking the chatter away and focus on your mind.
  2. You can learn Chi running easier if you learn Chi walking first.
  3. Pelvic rotation and stability of the pelvis are key to optimizing running and decreases the chance of injury! This is why learning Chi walking makes learning to run the Chi way easier.
  4. The Chi posture is about engaging your core muscles and letting the lower limbs stay quiet and relax.  Always run landing on your midfoot strike while running.
  5.  Meditation happens when you run by being conscious of your breathing and keeping your spine still. This paying attention brings you to the present. and centers you.
  6. Wear running shoes that have a lower heel, so that you feel more connected and have a more natural step.
  7. Occasionally run in barefoot for a few 100 feet and feel the essence of your form. Your form will fall into a more natural line.
  8. Run not for speed, but for perfecting your running form using body scanning. Pat Attention to the way your body feels by focusing your attention on areas you sense are uncomfortable. When your posture is aligned  you obtain Chi energy more easily.
  9. The best way to practice is to run long runs to get that posture right.
  10. Learning how to breathe properly is a great way for Chi to enter your body.

Learning Chi Running is more like a process of discovery than just following a set of rules. Quoted by Danny  and Katherine Dreyer in their book Chi Running ~ A revolutionary approach to effortless, injury-free running.

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