Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why are we fat and what can we do about it?

Studies show we are not getting to where we want to be as far as getting healthy, in good shape and fighting obesity.  
Yet there are so many people eager to get out there and do it!

Why are we fat and still living in a world full of obesity?

10 Reasons why we are fat! 

  1. No exercise. 
  2. Not enough exercise, less than 3X/week.
  3. The computer world of  TV, video games, iphones, ipad etc. 
  4. The food on our plate are full to the edges, causing us eat too much per serving.
  5. Not eating enough natural foods grown from the earth or from animals.
  6. Eating too much fatty foods.
  7. Eating too many packaged foods with hazy ingredients, these chemicals play havoc on our hormones hence metabolism. 
  8. Addicted to high carb foods with empty calories.
  9. Too much sugar.
  10. Stress and negative thinking.

We have the best resources in the world at getting healthy and staying in shape. 

We have health food stores, diet centers, fitness centers that are springing up at every busy corner, but still we suffer the same health issues related to inactivity and obesity.

People  find it hard to stick to a sport!
They don't really know what sport to do and when they think they've got it all figured out, it's an unorganized bunch of fuzzy plans and goals that are way to hard to reach.

Unless you have the right frame of mind and the right program...
This is where I come in.
Why not try running?
If you join my mailing list, you get a free download of the First 6 Weeks of Running.
Actually it starts out walking then leads into you running for 30 minutes.
I send you weekly motivation, along with tips to get you to the next step.

It's the run/walk way!


  1. Yes. You've got a great list of reasons going on here - agree with you. We are aliens living in this world! Tee-hee... seems like everyone or everything is out to get us defeated. The less we go to the store, the better we'll be. :) For myself, I make the trips fewer and far between and it works! Can't be tempted by what you don't see. Now... for the running? I'll leave that to my daughter. Tee-hee!

  2. There are so many reasons why some folks are fat and you've listed some of the main reasons. Exercise is so important along with everything else you've mentioned. I like your offer of Free 6 Week Learn to Run Schedule. :)

  3. Good article. We all are guilty of many on your list. I used to run but got a hamstring injury five years ago and it's painful to run now. I am going back to my walking plan...working up to 5 miles a day! Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think we also want to take a magic pill, continue to not move and continue to eat in an unhealthy manner and reach a weight/health goal. It's not that easy!

  5. I am in the process of changing all that.. Exercise and diet!

  6. Another one that I would add to the list is for those who are lazy and do not want it bad enough. I would say for the most part, it all come down to how bad you really want it. If you want to keep the weight off or do you want to keep it? That's my take on it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I enjoyed your post.I agree that it is a combination of things that are causing the obesity problem. The food is a big issue. Fake food and sugar. You don't have to be obese to have diabetes. That I believe is the food.

  8. I am guilty as charged. I go through times when I want to do something about it, and times when I don't. Getting motivated can be a difficult thing.

  9. Clearly we can learn to eat cleaner foods and move our bodies. Running, walking, stretching- any form of movement is good for us. We all know this and getting your tips is a great reminder.

  10. When you see how much we spend as a nation to fight or reduce obesity, you'd think we could do better than we do. Your reasons are a simple roadmap to point out what NOT to do as well. Shame we can't get enough people to do so!


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