Monday, May 14, 2012

20 Tips on Healthy Eating!

I know it's sometimes hard to stay on track and eat healthy, so I thought I would give you 20 tips on healthy eating.

1.  Foods that you can recognize and are natural to eat.
2.  Always look to see what the first ingredients are when eating processed food. Sugar seems to be a popular first item!
3.  Begin your grocery shopping in the outside aisle of your grocery store.
4.  Organize three colored  vegetables to eat for each meal.
5.  Begin your morning eating fresh fruit and/or fresh squeezed juice.
6.  A handful of baked walnuts or almonds with fruit in the morning is a must.
7.   Buy organic fresh fruits and vegetables, especially if they are thin skinned.
8.  Always scan the nutritional labels, because if you haven't heard of the ingredient maybe you don't want to eat it.
9.  Try to limit fast food to just once a month.
10.  Ask what are in ingredients at restaurants.
11.  Eliminate moderate use of alcohol, simple fruit drinks and carbonated drinks. They only add calories.
12.  Overcooking meats or vegetables are not good for you.
13.  Avoiding smoked, processed and preserved meats protect you from harmful chemicals and diseases.
14. Choose fresh or frozen food first before canned.
15.  Combine foods that feel right to you and listen to what your body wants.
16.  Avoid margarine, shortening and refined liquid vegetable oils.(synthetic fats)
17.  Eat more whole wheat and less white flour, white rice etc.
18.  Cook using olive or peanut oil instead of refined oils.
19.   Essential fatty acids like avocado, eggs, walnuts and fish are rich in vitamins.
20.  Try to supplement your diet with essential fatty acid nutritional supplements.


  1. Excellent post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. The best part is that there is very little that is difficult or "oh-no-not-THAT" about your listing! Thanks, Gilly!

  3. Great tips. We do most of them already but a good reminder. When we have to buy canned goods, we always look at the sodium content first. It's usually high so we find the lower sodium. Otherwise everything fresh or home canned when possible.


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