Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Run with Good Posture

Practice good posture runningWhen the most important aspect about you running well...

Eh hmm, is your posture.

You want to check out how to run with good posture to make sure you run it right. If your posture is off, you will tire early and encounter aches and pains that will eventually lead to injury.

Is this what you do?

Are you bent at the waist? Looking at the ground? or Are your shoulders stiff and high? Do you land on your heels instead of your mid-foot? Stop your bad posture running before it becomes more difficult to change.

Once, not to long ago I had a bad habit of running and bending at the waist to go faster. I couldn't seem to increase my running times and I was thinking..."I must just be getting old!" Not a nice thought :( !
 I also had Shin Splints and a sore hip. It's pretty discouraging when you don't know what the problem is, you get discouraged and think running is just not for you...

When all it has to do with is your silly bad posture!

How do I change my bad running posture to good posture?

You keep you back straight, look about 20 feet in front of you while you run, and keep your core strong. Neck and shoulders should be relaxed and your weight should be centered over your feet.

(There's more! Read about Chi Running at the end of this article.)

If you are are trying to run faster, but you can't seem to get where you want fast enough it could be your bad posture slowing you down.

Here's one secret right now that will change your running posture instantly for good running.

Get your knees up!

Think back in gym class when the teacher told you to march around the gym as she yelled "Get those knees up!" And then she made you run while you did this! At least.... That's what my gym teacher told us to do. You ran with your knees high and she blew the whistle for your every step. You'd be going pretty fast and then after huffing and puffing, end up in a pile on the gym floor. It took awhile to collect yourself because it was hard work!

What does all this practice do for your running?

  1. It makes you run with your back straight
  2. it forces you to straighten up and tighten your abs
  3. It forces you to use your gluteus muscles (buttocks) instead of using your hip flexers! This is good, because your but muscles are a heck of a lot stronger then using your hip!
  4. It takes the pressure off your knees, hips,back and lower legs and makes you use more of your core muscles.

Using your core muscles while you run is important, more important then using your legs. When you use too much leg muscle that aren't meant for all that pounding,  you create needless injuries. Injuries most common are the shins, Achilles, feet, knees, hips, I could go on....

Is it easy to build your Core for good posture running?

You need to do running drills that overemphasize the movement of running, like running with your knees high. along with this drill and others you can nicely build those core areas and gradually your running posture will start to correct itself. You will remember the drills and envision your back straight.

  • Do this once or twice a week for a couple of Kilometers and build a nice strong core! This is a great look for strong abs.    

Although there are many more posture tips, this is one I hope you try!

If you want to run faster in your next race or train to improve your overall running experience with better posture and without injury free, review Katherine and Danny Dreyer's Chi Running Programs. These programs are practiced all over the world teaching you how to run from your center, so running or walking feels easy and natural. These experts have combined holistic and wellness to create a better active living running or walking, so YOU live an enhanced life experience through mindful living.

I could tell you more, but why not check this out for yourself here!

Please leave a comment just underneath in the comments section and tell me what is right or wrong about your running posture!

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