Saturday, September 8, 2012

What if I miss a day of running?

Don't worry about it, because missing one work out is not going to affect your training....Unless you are trying out for the Olympic trails, but even then it won't affect the results. Remember your human and things like missing a day will happen.

Many people ask me this question...

running on the grass runwayWhat if I miss a day running?

They are worried they may have to take their training back a week. When to worry is when there are inconsistencies in your program schedule and your training becomes wishy washy with no means to an end.

What if I miss a day of running, will I have to go back a week?

You stay where you are in the program and carry on as if the day isn't missed, you could even try to make it up some time later in the week. Most likely you've run out of time though, so don't even think about the missed day. Try not to do this too often or you'll start to lose improvements.

Inconsistencies is not missing a day of running...

Inconsistencies is missing one day one week and then 2 days the next and then missing a whole week or so the next. There really isn't any accomplishment or skill being learned. Running is good any time, but if you are looking for serious results, like a race time or mileage completion, you will never get it done not running consistently!

Will the next week of the program be harder because of missing a day of running?

Maybe, but probably not. If the week feels hard, maybe this is the reason you decided not to run last week. Sometimes when a program is too challenging, you need to take a step back. If you are finding any part of your program so hard that it's not fun, go back a week. Challenge is only good if it's fun, although too much can have you feeling like a failure. Goals are best met by accomplishing them gradually...

Conquer goals one week at a time and don't worry about a missed running day!

Goals accomplished in steps, understandable steps are always easy to complete. Goals completed in fast, haphazard steps have you feeling disorganized and frustrated.

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