Friday, May 17, 2013

How to trick yourself into eating better?

If you find that you can't lose weight while training for a 5K or you're worried about the way your family eats. This might be due to the fact the not-so-good-food is too much in your face. If  high sugar foods or packaged foods are more visible, you will eat it more!

Here are a few tips to trick yourself into eating better 

while training for a 5K, learn to run or just trying to eat healthy day to day.

 If you put healthy food in the right spot in your fridge or on the counter, you will trick yourself and have the benefits of eating more healthier foods. 

(By: RunningMySpace)

  1. Trade cookies in the cupboard for bananas in the cupboard. Bananas love darkness so they keep longer, so put them in a bowl and slip them in the cupboard.
  2.  Apples go great in the crisper or serve at the table in a bowl!
  3.  Fruits like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries (don't hide them in the fridge drawers!) put them on the shelf of the refrigerated at eye level! Position them so they look irresistible!
  4. Strain grapes and leave them on the counter in the kitchen where your family passes often. Your family will eat the good foods first before all the junky packaged/processed foods. 
  5. Cut and wash vegetables and put a natural dip for easy healthy snacking.
  6. Make slushes out of frozen fruit,  water, milk or yogurt!
  7. Shop mostly from the outside isle of your grocery store
  8. If it comes in a package and you feel you need to eat it, check for unnatural ingredients.
  9. Stock up on natural foods that come in the ground by freezing or dehydrating.
  10. Lastly make treats with your kids that involve good food ingredients.
Have fun tricking yourself into eating better by following these tips and tricks!


  1. These are great tips to trick our mind through our eyes. You are right, what is convenient and within reach is what we will put into our mouths. Thanks for sharing.


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