Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Run Faster Without Getting Tired

Your running and feeling good, your picking up your speed...Your watch says your running pace is great and then you start to get tired...

How to run faster without getting tired is something you need to build up to...

For those of you that are doing a program and still can't seem to run faster, consider the  5K Training for Beginners program or any of the marathon programs at the end of this post. Also check out these tips that  may or may not be slowing you down.

How to Get Faster Running Tips:

  • Make sure when you run you are looking ahead about 15 to 20 feet, naturally you will feel yourself pick up speed, because your whole body feels more comfortable. Doing this keeps your head aligned with the rest of your body and good posture. When you have good posture you breathe easier by expanding your lungs.
  • Make sure your chin is parallel to the ground so that your head and spine are aligned nicely, it will stop you from using your whole body to run and expend too much energy.
  • Land on your mid-foot section of your foot instead of the heel, because you're actually using more energy after this braking action every time.
  • Keep your forearms parallel to the ground and don't cross them over your midsection of your body. This type of swinging will use up lots of energy when you want to get going. Make sure your arms swing about 90 degrees.
  • Try not to clench your fist, keep them nice and relaxed.
  • Buy shoes that are meant for the type of running you do and customized for the way you run. Shoes that have the wrong fit will slow you down in your tracks.
  • Wear clothing that is loosely fit and have great wicking powers, pulling the sweat away from your body. Sometimes when you are on your last leg, sweating can cause you to slow down and hamper your performance.
  • Make sure before you run that you are hydrated, running thirsty can make you feel drained.
  • And last but not least follow a learn to run program and after 12 weeks train for a race. 
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  1. I always found that these fixes on my stance worked great

  2. Thanks for the comment...I will check it out.


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