Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why can't I run like I used to?

Because... You have to start slow! 

Running will be hard if you think you can run like a kid!

If you start with this mind set, you'll quit before you get to see the great results running has for YOU! 

Why can't I run like I used to?

Your body at a cellular level needs to learn to run. This includes your lungs, bones, ligaments, heart and muscles. It all runs very deep!

To get good at anything, you have to cut through the uncomfortable!

This is the same in almost anything new in life. 
Runners who haven't run in a long time, have to pass a point of hard before magical moments start to happen and then your body starts to get used to running.

The biggest problem is...

Many of you quit running when you're just about at the tip of getting good at it! 

Because maybe...
  •  it's  hard. 
  •  you've stopped following scheduled runs.
  •  you get an injury.
  •  you haven't seen any improvements yet.

ONCE your passed the point of no return...

Running becomes something You never knew could be soooo wonderful!

Then You start to see your very own successes ...
  • weight-loss
  • more energy
  • happier
  • increased muscle tone all over
  • able to run longer distances
  • Loving yourself
  • running for the joy of running for the rest of your life!
  Those Magical Moments are just around that corner and you will run like you use to!
Maybe you'll even reach for goals you never thought attainable like...
  • 2 to 5K races!
  • half marathons!
  • full marathons!
  • ultra-marathons!
 If you are having a hard time getting into running, take a deep...deep...deep breath and let it out slowly and put a picture in your head of what you want to look like. Picture what you want for yourself... 
 When you feel like quitting and running gets hard - you'll have that focused vision on your mind. 

You won't want to quit!
  6 weeks...
 That's all it takes to get you going ...

After six weeks you'll  be running for 20 to 30 minutes. 
There will be some hard days, but nothing compared to the beginning.

If you're having problems with goals, get yourself started and start by going for a walk today...
  1. Go for a walk for an half hour.
  2.  Find a line of trees, a couple of telephone poles, driveways etc and run until you get past at least 2 of them.
  3.  Don't run fast - just run so you are able to sing or chant a verse.
  4. The next day, walk that same path and do it again.

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I love helping people run!

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  1. I love your article, Gilly! I think this can also apply to walking or what I'm doing now...the dreaded elliptical machine! LOL! I'm hoping that once I've conquered it and get my body back in shape, the way it was last year, perhaps in the spring, I may try running...all depends on my knees. Thanks for sharing. You are such an inspiration to me. :)

  2. That seems like a very aggressive schedule.. i use an elipticle machine 4 days a week.. but i cant see myself running anytime of marathon..

  3. These are great principles that can be applied to so many areas of life. I am not able to run because of foot problems but it is good inspiration for me to press on with my personal excercise regime and not give up.

  4. I love this article! I read this and I am inspired to start running again. I stopped because I used to feel very feint and tired when I run. I found out later that I am anaemic. Working on getting back to being my healthy self :-)

  5. This rule applies to EVERYTHING in life. Just watch babies turn into toddlers and so on. When I look at my own progress in learning social media marketing these past 2 years, I am amazed at how far I've cpme. Great article.

  6. This a great post on helping those who want to run but feel like they can't. I agree start slowly and work your way up.

  7. It really is just something to keep doing everyday or a few times a week. Then go a little further. I was in an accident in September and I'm not allowed any strenuous exercise but I can still walk. So that is what I have been trying to do. Just go a little further every time I do it.

  8. You're so much braver than I am. I just can't go past walking. I walk a lot, but when I am thinking about running, I am concerned I might injure my knees...

  9. Great info and it is so true. We need to train many parts of the body, it isn;t just out legs moving and the huffing & puffing going on. It is a whole body movement.

  10. I do love to run. I did have my body used to it. Then I became ill. I couldn't run for about 2 weeks, now I have to start it all over again. Frustrating!

  11. Thanks so much Alexandra! Yes you are right it does apply to the dreaded elliptical machine, it's so great you are active and getting in shape! I'm sending you some healing knee energy :)

  12. Robert the elliptical machine is a great form of exercise! Running a marathon is something that takes time...Most people who start running should not train for a marathon until after 1 year of consistent running. Running just for fun is the best :)

  13. Thanks Terri and I'm so glad you are still doing exercises for your health, I hope your foot gets better!

  14. Casa I'm so glad I've inspired you! Can't wait for you to start! Let me know how you're doing :)

  15. BeadZPassionista it does apply to almost everything! I like your baby turning into toddler and so on analogy. I'm glad you are finding great successes!

  16. Christy I'm glad you agree, thank you!

  17. Kelly I hope everything is healing nicely from your accident! Walking is great, I'm glad you can enjoy this! Keep going you are doing great!

  18. Simona walking is fine and also takes consistency, you are doing great already. Running won't hurt your knees if you take it slow and don't already have any knee issues. I'm not sure if I'm brave, I just can't get enough of all the endorphins running has to offer :) LOL

  19. Marilyn you are right and it''s so good for us to keep strength and exercise!

  20. Michelle try starting where you left off or go back a week. Sorry you were sick, but I'm glad you starting running! Yea!

  21. Your posts about running are encouraging. Maybe it'll convince me eventually as my foot heals

  22. I'm glad Norma, let me know if she needs any more advice :) Thank you!

  23. This is a great post, Gilly, and very motivating. I do need to get back on the treadmill! Thank you for the encouragement.

  24. Robin I glad I've encouraged you to getting back, enjoy the treadmill and let me know how it's going!


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