Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Be Grateful and Thankful

Hopefully by now you have gotten used to your "AWAY SPACE" The main objective here is to relax and have no responsibilities, except to be yourself. PEACE gives------PEACE OF MIND-------- Did you remember to remind yourself each morning that you are "HAPPY" and will have a "HAPPY" day? Remember, you may not feel exactly "HAPPY", but your "SPIRIT" hears you. Eventually this will be a pick-me-up that you'll find you don't have to work at. The word "HAPPINESS" already contains individual pictures of your whole life's happy experiences. Your brain is silently thanking you for sending such good thoughts---- this in turn gives to good feelings. "FEELINGS OF HAPPINESS! " When you get out of bed or when you roll over. Thank "LIFE" for giving you the protection of a husband. Or raise your head and thank "LIFE" for giving you a bed to sleep in or a house you are sheltered in. Walk down the hall and look at the treasures you have. The children, the teenagers, the long stay- at- homer adult who still can't figure out what to do with his/her life. Just look at what you have! These are your children that made you laugh and smile. Sometimes uncontrollably! These are your treasures, so be thankful to "LIFE" for having them. If you don't have children be thankful that you have the things in your home that you love. "YOUR SPARE TIME!" BE thankful for all the comforts of home like pets and furniture etc... Thinking of what to be thankful for everyday enhances your "SPIRIT" as well. Life is full of "GRATEFULNESS", so go ahead make your list of 5 things your thankful for each day... You will be just turning the next corner towards "HAPPINESS"! Don't forget to be thankful for just being here!

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