Saturday, December 15, 2007

Your Inner Child is Waiting for You

  • So you've had a hard day... I'm sorry, I get them too... What do you do when you simply feel exhausted and there is dinner to make, kids to tend, homework questions to answer and the house looks like a dump? Your head is in a spin! OR You've just walked in from a difficult day of work and you're having a difficult time transitioning yourself. Too many demands on your time and patience and not enough words to fill it! You really just want to scream and say. "STOP!" There is no time to run to your away space. Retreat doesn't look good... Except if you just say "I have to go to the bathroom!" There are ways to fool your mind and to calm yourself down without ignoring how you are really feeling... You are in the bathroom and yes close the door. This is where you have to... "Grab on to that feeling" This is where you have to imagine yourself in your away space. Be honest with yourself and take a deep breath. Tell yourself that your feel "FRUSTRATED" and say to yourself with a few more deep breaths, "I am happy!" ------ "I have a family that loves me!" What ever you know makes you happy and provides you with unconditional love no matter what the circumstances.
  • If you are having difficulties feeling this... ( We all do from time to time, especially when you are at odds with your teenager or wife/husband, sister/brother, friend etc.) Grab on to that feeling of bliss... When you first kissed When you first saw your newborn When you found out you were pregnant When you learned how to ski Spending the last exciting time with friends

Grab on to that feeling and don't let it go. If you haven't noticed already you will have found yourself smiling! If you haven't yet ---- JUST SMILE ANYWAY! I had a comment in a past post that said, "Don't judge until you walk a day in my shoes!" All of us are different. Some of us just have hard times--- all the time. Some of us are truly sad or depressed. (even clinically depressed) We all have a responsibility to look after our soul. If we ignore are inner feelings... Yes I said feelings--- because feelings are thoughts. We are simply just ignoring ourselves! There are other names that will make you feel more in touch with you. Your INNER CHILD --- Your TRUE SELF ---- You wouldn't ignore your own baby if it was in distress and frustrated. You would do everything in your power to make your child/teenager happy if h/she was depressed. Then why wouldn't you just do it for yourself? Smile and see what happens. You smile back at frustration you send love. Isn't that what makes this world go around? So go grab onto that moment now--- You owe it to your inner baby!

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