Saturday, December 22, 2007

Be all that is and all that is true too.

Christmas is almost here and I can hear little feet sneaking around the house in hopes of finding a unwrapped hidden present. I'm really running out of hiding spaces. There are cookies to bake, turkeys to thaw and Christmas supper to plan. Each day begs the question, "How many more days?"--- We have family to visit and friends to gather. There are trees to decorate and lights to hang. Excitement is in the air.
But... this year will be different, because this year I learned something new. I learned that life is really much bigger than I thought and that there is more to life than meets the eye. There is "Me- myself and I." These are "3" very important individuals we should never attempt to forget. Although we do all the time! Each day we forget about our "SELF" is a day we have lost with our "SELF"... It takes so much time the next day to get your "SELF" back. So try... try really hard not to let your "SELF" get away from yourself. Reflect upon the best parts of you and always be true to yourself and to others. Don't try to improve just on the things that we are good at, but try to also improve on the things we aren't so good at.
When you start out the New Year--- have a good one and be all that is and all that is true too.
Take care and Have a Happy Holiday!

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