Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nike + Ipod's - Things to do!

Read the instructions completely so that you enjoy running with the sensor and get accurate results!

I used to use the Nike sensor for tracking my run and going into challenges and enjoyed it, especially joining Nike!
I made the mistake of not reading instructions carefully and my batteries didn't last a month. Now I'm using the Dailymile to track my runs and there is no sensor needed...

The Nike + Ipod - Things to do so it works well for you.

  • The sensor needs to be turned off after every run to save battery life.
  • It costs around $20.00 to replace new sensor.
  • The sensor is suppose to last up to 3 years, if sensor is turned off properly.
  • Make sure the sensor doesn't jiggle around while you run or the mileage might be off.
  • If you don't have the Nike runner you can purchase a case to put the sensor in and it attaches to the shoe through the shoelace.
  • Turn off sensor and hold for 3 seconds to make absolutely sure the sensor is turned off.

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