Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do You Have the Right Shoes?

Do you have the right shoes?

An important factor in running is having the right shoes, everybody knows that...Right?
If you ever questioned whether you picked the right shoe for your running, then maybe you should check out an orthotics center near you. You will be dealing with a true foot specialist that will have the know how on what shoe to choose while running and problems that can be alleviated!

The foot impression

The best way to get a good fit is to go to a orthotics center and get a simple foot impression. This helps identify the type of gait you have, hence making it easier to figure on the choice of running shoe. Good support while pounding your feet running is out there and is important. You want to have good arch support for people who are experiencing falling arches. We all eventually get this, some of us more than others. The persons most vulnerable to experiencing arch problems are people with flat feet.

Does your shoe clerk know...?

Does the shoe clerk know what he/she is really talking about? You hope so! Words to listen for are supinated, pronated, gait or running/walk gait, arch high or low, Stability shoe, motion control shoe, neutral shoe, and your weight, stance and even height. If you don't consider going to a specialist at least educate on these terms.

What happens to Your feet by days end...?

What happens to your feet by days end is they swell and actually get bigger. When getting your feet checked mention this to your shoe salesman it is a good tip to consider when buying a shoe. By the time you become a better runner your feet will grow too!

Recommend go to a shoe specialist...

Recommend to go to a shoe specialist if your feeling any sort of pain in your hips, knees, neck and of course feet or any joint pain while running...It is time to look into maybe finding a better fitting shoe!

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