Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 to 15 Minutes of Straight Running

 10 to 15 minutes of straight running

Things to ask yourself...

  • Are you stretching enough?
  • Are you pushing yourself too much?
  • Can you hold a conversation during your running comfortably?
  • Are you running every other day 3 to 4 X/week?
These are things that you should be thinking about for running.

Stretching prevents injures and readies your body for the run.  Dynamic stretches in the beginning and static stretches after your run is important. Your muscles are less likely to feel tight and heavy. The shock of running without stretching is like frightening your muscles and having them seize up, it takes you much longer to loosen up and enjoy your run! When you want to do the stretches is up to you. By now you should be getting a feel of when the stretches feel good for you.

Are your pushing yourself past your threshold?
Doing a little increase each week will move you closer to your goal in running 30 minutes. Every little bit you push yourself is good at raising your metabolism, expanding your distance, and learning how to really challenge yourself. This is also a great confidence boost in your program . If you follow steps by increasing the program slowly (about 5 to 10 % per week), you will have such a rewarding feeling. It will feel good to know that... "You Can Do It!" **Nike**

Can you hold a conversation while you run? This ties into the last question, when you run you should keep a pace where you are able to hold a normal conversation.

  • Pushing yourself gradually and at the right time is good!
  • Holding a conversation easily will be the last thing you will be thinking!
  • Pushing towards your goal really matters but, don't push yourself beyond your stage of capabilities!
  • If the pain is intense, or your breathing so that you're feeling dizzy or faint...


Let your body calm down and just walk.

Are you running every other day? This is important in the beginning so that your body is able to heal on the rest days. When you start to get to running more and want to add more mileage than it's OK to add in an extra day. Still... a higher mileage day would be followed by a less intense run day.

Please a comment in the section below and let me know how your running is going.

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