Monday, June 28, 2010

Learning to Run on the Track

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 How did your week go?

Into this second week, learn to run on the track...
I hope you are feeling really good!  I talked about breathing and  how and why breathing is important  to get a good rhythm.  By now you will have understood about how slow you need to go so that you run/walk comfortably.

The learn to run program can be tough... Keep it fun and just breathe easy...

Learning to Run on the Track is lots of fun too.

Go to your nearest high school and you will find a track that is 1/4 of mile around. This is a great place to track your run/walk program. You can stop counting minutes by going around the track the first time and watching your timer when it gets to: (ex the 2min run - mark that spot in your mind and walk for 1min, then go back to 2min run!)
Bring along a friend to run/walk with you and help motivate you! You will find if you run/walk with friends the running part of your learn to run program is easy!

Running Training For Beginners
Go around the full track using the run/walk method.   
Beginner runners/  2min walk/ 1min run 6x 
Learning Runners/ 1min walk/ 2min run 6x      
30 min Runners/      1min walk/ 5-15min run  Up to 30 minutes

Please do not forget to stretch and cool down. 10 min before and after. 
Beginners Training ~ Learn to Run

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