Thursday, July 1, 2010

Benefits of Runner's Yoga

There are many benefits of runner's yoga!

One of the best way for beginner runners to start is by getting flexible and strong with yoga.
Runner's Yoga!
 Runner's yoga builds strength, flexibility and at the same time helps to develop your inner essence. This peacefulness carries you through a long hard day and through your weekly runs.  The exciting benefits you see in runner's yoga are when you go for a run or run/walk you appreciate how much easier running is and what you will have built on the inside and outside.

Benefits of Runner's Yoga

  • When you run you feel stronger and stable.
  • Your posture is easy to hold even when your tired.
  • Runner's Yoga works on your core strength, the important part of your body that keeps you strong.
  • Body awareness, learning when to stop and how to heal with yoga.
  • It strengthen and tones muscles.
  • Develops an excellence for your peace of mind by getting rid of stress and calming your mind.
Never Doubt...
You who never thought you could run are now running.
You who never thought you could run for miles can now run for miles.
You who never thought you could race can now race.
You who never thought you could be skinny is now forever skinny...

Yoga for Runners"Not because you just ran, but because you are looking after yourself in-between your runs!"

There is never an injury because you have learned the magic of staying balanced and centered. This makes Runner's Yoga the greatest addition to running.

Learn to run with Runner's Yoga

Find out more! benefits of yoga and running

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