Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Running Goals in the Fall

What a great time of year to get out and run!
fall runningThe weather is cooler and it's time to really enjoy the outside. You can dress in layers and start peeling off as you get too warm.

 Look at the changing leaves and the last of the summer blooms and focus on running towards your goals in the fall.

Realistic Goals are Essential
Last summerIf you are trying to run a 5K in under 30minutes be realistic and build up gradually. Longer training runs will get you faster and fitter, but don't over do that either. Run following the 10 percent rule. Please do not increase your run more than 10 to 15 percent per week using your last long run as a gage. Make sure that you rest your legs in the days in between your runs. You may have to repeat weeks or go back a week depending on your age or your fitness. Be patient with yourself and just enjoy running.

Follow a program that is comprehensive and easy to understand!

I have a deep respect for Jago Holmes Couch to 5K Learn to Run Program.

While many of the tips I give you are great, I believe when you start something new you should have a wealth of information!

Click on the link above and try the Couch to 5K program , it might be just the program you are looking for.

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