Friday, January 14, 2011

Running For Beginners

 Are you having a hard time getting out there and running again?

You are amongst a whole host of new runners that are having the same problem as you. You are not alone!

 It's hard sometimes to feel motivated!
Understand that all you have to do is have a little faith in yourself and remember what you wanted in the first place. 
You wanted to learn to run and be in good shape by spring and maybe take off a few pounds.
Running for beginners is really, really, exciting because of the pictures in your mind of what you will look like... staying on the running program. 
How exciting is that?
This is where you have your own key to get your plan going!

Think of yourself and where you want to be in 1 month and make a plan to get it done. 
New Years ResolutionIt's hard sometimes to get off the lip of all those New Years Resolutions...A great many of them fail.
Today is a new day and all you have to do for t-o-d-a-y is...

WRITE - I am walking today on my path to running!

Put this in a little notebook and put it beside your bed.

Find that trail or map in your area that you love to walk! 
Go with a friend or family member!
When you do this, you are promising yourself only one thing for today. 
Just walking on that path, because you know soon enough that running is on the horizon. 
Forget the New Years Resolutions and remember that today is just another day just like any other day, except...Today you are going to walk on your path. It's a tiny change, but tiny changes can be bigger than you think!
This is your path and it will make you 
believe in yourself!

This article may help: One Clear Running Goal and Plan
                                 Keep Running Through The Winter 
                   Jogging For Beginners
 Think of your best trail that you like to walk...And go for a walk now!

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