Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nike Ipod Sensor Instructions

Read the Nike Ipod sensor Instructions completely, so that you enjoy running with the sensor and get accurate results!

Nike Ipod Sensor Instructions

  • Place the sensor under the insole of the Nike Running Shoe. There is a little indented spot in the shoe for the sensor to fit securely.
  • If you don't have the Nike running shoe, you can purchase a case for the sensor to securely sit in. The case attaches to the shoe through the shoelaces.
  • make sure you secure sensor so it doesn't jiggle around while you run or the mileage might be off.
  • Sync the sensor and your Ipod touch, Ipod Nano, or Iphone by turning on the Ipod and waiting for Nike to recognize the sensor.
  • learn how to calibrate your sports Nike Ipod sensor at Nike + Ipod support
  •  turn off Nike Ipod Sensor after every run to save battery life.
  •  lasts up to 3 years, if Nike sensor is turned off properly.
  • cost is $20.00 to replace new sensor.
  •  to make absolutely sure the sensor is turned off hold for 3 seconds.

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