Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 minute Yoga Dvd

Check out this 30 minute Yoga Dvd!

Doesn't it seem that once you get one injury another one creeps in right behind it? It happens when you're in the depths of a learn to run program or training.

This is so frustrating to say the least! 

One of the best ways to protect yourself from injury is to do proper stretches, but sometimes this isn't enough!
  • Wouldn't it be nice to have the gift of an aligned body? 
  • Wouldn't it be great to learn how to properly stretch to prevent injuries?
This is where I can offer you a peace of mind...It's called

The 30 Minute Runner's Yoga Dvd compliments your running program and your life!

I'll let you in on a story...

One day I was surfing the net trying to figure what to do about a nagging hip injury that started from shin splints. I came upon this site that talked about runners and all the kinds of injuries that runner's get. This site was building a bit of annoyance in me, but I continually read on...
The author thought running was really bad for you.He quoted that running was bad for your joints, muscles and whole body. And Last but not least he said running makes you old! 

Needless to say I felt a bit compelled...

A bit compelled to do some research...
What a horrible thing to read when you absolutely love running!
 You know...I didn't believe this for one minute!

It prompted my curiosity.
What I found was running is actually better for your health than you think!
Just a few benefits...
  • Running is excellent for your bones
  • Running is excellent for your muscles
  • Running is excellent for you cardio vascular system
  • Running is excellent for you respiratory system 
  • Running is excellent, excellent for your everything!
And for the part that running makes you old...Actually running regenerates all the cells in your body and can actually make you look younger and feel younger right down to the cellular level.
 This is good news, the long and short of it running is excellent for your health.

So what's the problem then, why are all of us runners getting injuries?
When you age you lose strength and flexibility even if you've run for 30 years. Ah hem.... It's inevitable, it just happens. You don't run around like a toddler all day moving through, around and up onto couches, floors and chairs. Yes, your toddler is building many muscles!

Running at the same time builds a little of these muscles, but not nearly enough of them! Do remember when was the last time you ran, crawled, crept and climbed all around like a toddler?

So this is where the 30 minutes of yoga daily comes in.

Doing  the 30 minutes yoga dvd will increase your flexibility, so your muscles and joints stay limber and flex better. Your body becomes aligned like it once was, so every running step runs nicely.

Yoga builds strength in your joints and muscle and this is a big plus,
because those muscles that are not being used running build, so that the large and small  muscles can support one another. This also spells out a faster metabolism...
More muscle means more fat burned...
A lot of runners use Runner's Yoga!
Do the 30 minute Yoga dvd, you ignite every part of body that needs to be ignited, because you are giving your body the attention it needs!
Runner's Yoga
is a Total Mind-Body Workout you can do on your own ... almost anywhere ... in just 30 minutes!  
30 Minutes of Yoga Daily to Add to Your Running Program
It's for anybody. 
It's for all levels of fitness and flexibility.If you are interested in giving your body a lift towards strength, agility and inner peace.
I strongly recommend this program for YOU.

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