Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Terry Fox A Great Canadian Hero!

Sometimes life passes you by with problems that cause you to sacrifice something and give to the world.

Terry Fox A Great Canadian Hero was all of this and more, but his problems were anything but minor.

On April 12, 1980  21 years ago, Terry Fox defined himself  by embarking on a journey
The Marathon of Hope which lead him to giving immense contributions to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Why was Terry Fox a great Canadian Hero?

Terry Fox created an Historical Action

The Terry Fox Foundation over the past 21 years has raised

$500 million dollars worldwide.

Things happen... You are handed misfortune...
Have you been touched by the hands of adversity?
And if you have, have you asked yourself this question?
"Will I rise above or fall below?"

He could of fallen from his sorrows having cancer...

If you ever have a feeling that you can't do it, because...
(You fill in the blank)
It's time to rethink...
Think for yourself and think about the guy that did it...

This Great Canadian hero Terry Fox never let life swallow him up, instead cancer gave him more power to step forward with everything he had and rise above to the hands of adversity.  

Remember this when you're feeling low about your running program or your life, because this is a sign to keep moving forward...
Not to stumble.
But if you do, get up as fast as you can and keep on going.

Maybe you'll rise so high that you'll make moves that will flourish within you and around you to the world.


It is never too late!

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