Friday, May 20, 2011

How Do I Lose Weight Running?

You have to be conscious of what you are picking up and putting in your mouth.
Many people have asked these two questions...

"How do I lose weight running?" and "How do I cut down on my eating?"

To lose weight running... 

You have to partake in consistent beginner runner program or at least 4X per week exercise program. And then... add extra exercise to get a total time of 3 and a half hours per week. It sounds like a lot, but it isn't really that much.
  • You can count walking to and from work or school. 
  • You can count gardening or raking, or any heavy chores around the house.
If you run 3 days per week for 30 minutes you would be totaling 1 and a half hours of exercise...

Not bad, but not quite enough...

You need to exercise a little more...
  • walking 
  • runner's yoga or yoga 
  • strength training
  • even heavy chores or any other aerobic activity  so that you can lose weight running! Bring your exercise time to at least 3 hours + and the weight will begin to slide off. 

It is crucially important to make yourself a schedule that you've agreed on with yourself.

So that you see this as a promise you made for yourself.  Like a job it needs to get done right. If you do it this way, you will lose weight and not even have to count calories!
Running plus Exercise for 3 or more hours a week will burn you good calories.

Here's an example:
  • Mon - Walk for half hour
  • Tues - Run for half hour
  • Wed - Walk for half hour
  • Thurs - Run for half hour
  • Fri - Walk for half hour
  • Sat - Rest
  • Sun - Run for half hour
Number of total hours worked out is 3 hours.
Replace one 30 min walk or run with 45min to 1 hr and you've added on your extra time!
Replace the walking some days for another aerobic sport, strength training or yoga.

Do not overdo it.

Your body is designed to move, but it is not designed to be out of shape. If you are in a beginner training program or learn to run program, follow at a gradual pace. Deep down at a cellular level your body needs
to adapt to changes to prevent injuries and even disappointments.

Here's what you do when you need to figure out how to cut down on your eating:

Buy a little booklet with a little pencil and write down all the foods you eat... all-day-long.

It's not so bad, because this booklet is so small it should fit in your back pocket.
I don't like counting calories, it just isn't for me.

I'd like to pass on a few tips for you, so you can see what you're eating and how you feel when you're eating it...
On the first page of your booklet put three smiley faces on the top of the page. (happy sad frustrated)

  • Give each a column all the way down the page, just those three smiley faces at the top are all you need.
  • Now, every time you eat you check the column where the smiley face best describes your mood.
  • On the next page write the date and start your list from the very thing you ate in the morning, until you go to bed at night. Date each day and follow this procedure.
  • Don't forget a thing...
Make sure that you write every speck of food down.
  • Remember to add drinks
  • You do not have to be conscious of what you eat for the next few days, but after this weekend you will pay attention to what you eat.
 You're own test study is (YOU) and you will see two important things...
  1.  What it is your eating that is piling on all those calories. 
  2. How you are feeling most of the time when you are eating.

This is so important for your well-being, because you eat to survive, you don't survive to eat.

I will talk to you next week and let you know what to do next.
In the mean time I want you to run, run/walk or exercise something comfortable...
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