Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to "Learn to Run Faster"

...Running......  faster -  faster and all of a sudden you don't feel good.....You gotta to stop, because you are out of breath!

Sometimes running too fast will get you to the finish line, other times you might find yourself panting to the finish and then curled up in a ball! Be careful, because running too fast too soon can take the wind out of your sails. 

How do you run faster and not be so out-of-breath?

Pick up your Pace

 During each run, pick up your pace.
I don't mean pick up your pace all the way to the end,
I mean pick up your pace doing a few drills, tempo runs, or fartlecks.

Let me explain:

Interval Drills - are running in intervals ex: Run 400 meter on a track at a race pace/then slow down for 1min.
Repeat 6X

Tempo run - are runs that have about 2 to3K of a  running warm up/ after run 4 to 6K with an increase speed (one gear up) from regular pace. Not full out running. Cool down 1 or 2K.

Fartlecks - Varying speeds of training runs can be planned or scheduled in intervals. 6 sets with different speed intervals during a 45 to 60 minute period. Some will be very intense - your fastest speed and other speeds will be slower depending on the conditions.

Running Faster and longer is something that develops with time, so be patient. Each of these running work outs can be very intense, so remember to warm up and cool down.  Sore leg muscles  happen if you don't work on these  run faster programs gradually, giving rest days, and only performing these work outs 2/3 days per week.

These exercises are great for teaching you how to breathe and how to adapt to races by raising anaerobic (strength training) and aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness.
 Your body gets used to having to pick it up and understands how to react.
Once your body learns to run faster, you've got it all the way to the finish line with great times.

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