Saturday, June 4, 2011

Running Schedule for Beginners

Running is an amazing sport and it is fun...

What You Need to Start Running

You need to look at the Running Schedule for Beginners so you get a sense of how to do the whole journey for a new runner.

One thing I love to see in accomplished runners is their sense of freedom they developed from running, health being the most important!  There are many other benefits you will experience!
You as beginner runner have a lot to look forward to.  
The act of learning to run is challenging and will present you with many positive changes in your body, especially in the beginning!

I have a complete running schedule for you to follow, from the preweek where you will be just walking to the 6 week mark where you'll be able to run 5 Kilometers, or pretty close to it.

Something to keep in mind - You don't have to do the 6 week running schedule in 6 weeks, sometimes it's nice to repeat a week if you are feeling it's too challenging. Sometimes it's difficult to get out and run and sometimes you don't want to go for a run, so have to repeat a week.
Another note, if you are repeating running weeks - pay close attention to your alternate goals.
For example:

  "I'm going to finish this program in 8 weeks instead."
Doing this takes the confusion out of running and nicely keeps goals intact moving in the right direction. I hope you do this program and keep running forever!

 You know yourself the best!
 Beginning Running Schedule
learn to run

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