Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Act of Learning to Run

You will understand by the end of this post why the act of learning to run is so important to your life.

If you've even thought of running before then this article is for you, because you could be the next somebody running a marathon even if you think your over the hill!
Just imagine...
Wouldn't that be nice!

You'll understand how to get in the right frame of mind answering the following questions...

The act of learning to run is understanding ...

  • Why you want to run?
  • How you are going to do this?
  • Who are you going to do it with?
  • Where you want to see yourself in 3 months?
  • When is the best time for learning to run?
  • How is running going to change your life?
This is the cornerstone of your life (maybe that's why you are here!) it means you need to understand what you want.

You could join a gym, you could purchase a treadmill, you could  do all sorts of things to learn to run.
You might still feel very stuck! 

I remember playing in the park when I was about 12 and seeing a women painstakingly run on hot days in summer and freezing days in winter. She ran all the time...
She would run looking like she was hanging on for dear life on the edge of a cliff.
She looked like she hated it!
I felt sorry for her...All those years I saw her running she didn't look like she lost any weight and she seemed like she wasn't enjoying it, only suffering.
I think about it now and know she was feeling stuck, because she wasn't seeing any of her training benefits or feeling good!
I see people like that every day trying to get in shape and not getting there!
I don't want that to happen to you, I want you to understand what you are doing every time you run and I also want you to love running.

You will see the benefits running offers!

You know what that women needed, she needed her dreams to come true.
She wanted to get healthy, feel good, look good, and most of all lose weight.
She didn't have the right information to get her to where she wanted to go.

There was one thing missing that she probably didn't think of and that's why I felt so bad for her!.
She didn't for one minute see how great running can be once you do it right.

What is Running really like once you get there?
It's like being on cloud nine and sometimes you don't even feel like your running. When you return from running you don't feel exhausted, but more elated and that feels good. Yes sometimes running is hard, but you always feel good just because you are doing it.

Has this happened to you?

You might of been really eager to start running and you ran,  and ran, and ran...  feeling that running just wasn't for you, because you couldn't catch your breath, you got sore leg muscles, or you just couldn't go any further...  
You still are a trooper if you made it that far...I want to get you farther!

The act of learning to run is so important to your life, so that you understand your reasons, have a goal, a plan of instructions to get you there and motivation for help.

You need motivation each week so that you don't quit!
I can give you that...

Maybe you had your sites on running a 5K race, but it didn't work for you...

It didn't work for you, because you didn't have the proper instruction, information and motivation for a learn to run or 5K training plan to help you get past your difficult parts.
A running schedule is a great thing to have but needs something else to help you along.

I am urging you to  check out the Couch to 5K program!
I can give you the schedules, but truly if you are new to running you need a little more.
The act of learning to run takes to understanding your goals and following through to the end. You need somebody to plan that out for you and follow you to the end.

A new runner needs something to grasp and understand learning to run.
From the very moment you put on your running shoes
until the time you get back, you want to know what you are doing.
Take a look at the Learn to Run Program! This is excellent for YOU!
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